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The only difference between the two groups in AMALFI is the patch, which will only be worn in the early stages of the trial. After this, everyone’s medical care in both groups will be as normal. We do ask that you give us permission to access your medical records (from your GP surgery and NHS Digital) so we can see what happens to you over the next few years. We will ask your GP for information 3 times in the next 5 years. We will also request information from NHS Digital both during this time and for up to a further 20 years. To do this, identifiable data (NHS number and date-of-birth) will be supplied by the AMALFI team to NHS Digital, and used to trace and link to Hospital Episode Statistics and Office of National Statistics mortality data for each person taking part. This is so that we can see if there are longer-term benefits of screening for atrial fibrillation. The end of the trial will be the date of the final data download.

We would like to know if you move address or change GP so we can continue to be in contact with you - if you have an email address this would be a very good way for us to stay in touch. However, if you change your mind and would like not to be contacted again, just let us know using the contact details here.