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If you choose to participate in the AMALFI study you will be assigned to one of two study groups – one group who will wear the patch and the other will not.

The first group will be sent a Zio Patch monitor by post. If you are in this group you will then need to stick the Zio Patch on to your chest over your heart. Instructions will come with the patch explaining how to apply it - it is quick and easy to do. If required, a video is also available here showing what the patch looks like and how it can be put on. After 2 weeks, the patch should be removed and returned using the packaging provided. When the results have been analysed, a report will be sent to your own GP. You can either contact them for the results or they may ask you to come in for an appointment to discuss the findings.

Half of the people who agree to take part in the study will not have to wear the patch. We understand some people may be disappointed having volunteered to take part if they do not receive the Zio Patch. However, the only way we can know if this approach to screening is worthwhile is by having an even mix of people wearing and not wearing the patch. The information you are providing will be just as important to the study and the wider community as those who do wear the patch.